Snooki Hospitalized in May for Booze?

Jersey Shore star Snooki was reportedly hospitalized in Miami while she was filming the second season of her hit MTV reality show.

According to RadarOnline, the petite dynamo had to be treated for alcohol poisoning in May after she had a wild night out with the rest of the cast. Snooki reportedly had to be carried out of the club by producers and was rushed to a local hospital.

If Snooki was hospitalized, Shore fans won’t see it on the show. RadarOnline reports that the incident was a “closely-guarded secret” and top MTV executives decided to cut Snooki’s hospital visit from season two.

While season two won’t show Snooki getting rushed to the ER, it does show plenty of footage of the young star drinking and partying it up in Miami.

Check out a video of a possibly drunk Snooks messing up The Situation’s game.

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