Solo Joe Jonas Album Confirmed for 2011

Solo Joe Jonas Album Confirmed for 2011-photo

Joe Jonas is reportedly spreading his wings and leaving his brothers behind. At least for a while.

E! Online has confirmed that The Prettiest JoBro will be dropping his solo album early next year, and the disc will represent some pretty drastic changes for the Disney heartthrob.

According to a rep for Jonas' record label, Hollywood Records, Jonas will be going for "a more dangerous sound" along the lines of a "sexier, Justin Timberlake" kind of approach. What's more, JoJo will be changing up his image to go along with the new musical approach, opting for a "T-shirt and leather jacket" look.

Jonas released his first solo song, "Make it Right," in July. Check out the video for the song below: 

Do you think Joe can make it without his brothers' help? Let us know in the comments section.



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  • anjali

    joe ur amazing...jus love u like anyhthing!!!...heared ur see no more...its just amazing!!:):)...keep it up!!:):)

  • Jessica

    he can do it, he just put out 'see no more' by chris brown and him and EVERYONE loved it, it was amazing and the vid was awesome too. he's going to rock it and worst case he doesn't, what does he have to lose?

  • Jessie

    obviously, u probably don't have enough talent to have a life even close to that....

  • Cassandra Vieweg
    Cassandra Vieweg

    Give the guy a break he wants to do something on his own and not with his bros. Like they been for many years now !! I didn't hear all this when Nick when solo ? Just back off the poor guy and let him do what he wants to do!! GEEZZ

  • Brenda JB ♥
    Brenda JB ♥

    OH SÍ, lo banco a muerte. ES MIAMOR, ♥ & yo si creo que va a poder!

  • amanda

    nick can sing without his brothers but not joe. he should stick with the jonas brothers.

  • Iva Stefanova
    Iva Stefanova

    Of course he can do this! I believe in him!

  • malak

    ofcorse he will be like an angel hhhh good luck joe

  • leah

    i didnt mean that my freind got on here and wrote that just to make me mad i love you and ur a great singer good luck

  • leah

    i hate u joe u are a horrible singer and u will never make it anywhere

  • Nick4ever

    I'm not sure he'll survive without his bro Nick, the lyrical genius behind JoBro music. Nick's also an instrumental virtuoso: he can even play the glockenspiel! So Joe you're gonna need help from him. I have to agree, Joe is definitely gonna need help from Nick. Like you said Nick is the genius, and writes the songs and what not. And from what I've seen Nick is basically the lead singer.

  • Nick4ever

    I don't think Joe is going to be able to make it on his own. Nick's solo album was awesome, but Joe is going to be lost b/c Nick does the writing and everything. Nick is the one who will definitely succeed on his own. Joe needs to stick with his brothers, Maybe I'm just biased b/c I love Nick so much, but that's my opinion.

  • delyse

    i only like joe so yea he should

  • darkavenger

    guess what i'm NOT buying! good luck resisting.

  • simplydiffer

    guess what i'm NOT buying!

  • jdfasvgfslgh

    make it right is a solo song that he released its from jonas la !! but anyways cant wait to see what joe's gonna do

  • shireen

    i'm luving it !!! joe going for a more sexier sound ! wow ! can't wait !. i was starting to feel that i was just getting too old for joe's sweet, childish music....but now, he's getting more adultish & i can't wait to grow up with him. wohooooo !

  • justmythoughts

    Im thinking Joe can make it, b/c even if they are successful of JB. he's going for a totally new look and sound and everything. so to me, he can make it. We all will just have to see early next year when he releases the album. And he is also one of the lead singers of JB. soo it will be a big surprise to see what his new album comes along with emotions and changes.

  • Chels

    I'm not sure he'll survive without his bro Nick, the lyrical genius behind JoBro music. Nick's also an instrumental virtuoso: he can even play the glockenspiel! So Joe you're gonna need help from him.

  • k123

    Nick Jonas has talent, Joe... he just needs to stick with JB...

  • aniez


  • ivanna

    LOVE JOE eres el mejor

  • bri

    o god...another one but it's cool though it ain't my life