‘Vampire Diaries’: The Musical Coming Soon?

Could Vampire Diaries be taking its cues from Glee soon? If series star Ian Somerhalder has his way, it could happen.

Somerhalder, who plays sexy sucker Damon Salvatore on the hit vamp show, tells MTV that he’s dying to do a musical episode of Vampire Diaries if the producers deem it so: 

“I would do a musical episode in a heartbeat!…Damon would be more like the barber of Fleet Street [a la Sweeney Todd]. He would be the guy who sings as he cuts people’s arms off. Full, Johnny Depp style.”

It might just be a bloody good combination.

Do you think Vampire Diaries should do a musical episode? And if so, what songs should they perform? Let us know in the comments section.