Amy Poehler’s Cleavage-Free Play-Date With Elmo (VIDEO)

Elmo has found a new playmate—and unlike his last buddy, this one knows how to dress appropriately for a children’s show.

Following Katy Perry’s cleavage-heavy but ultimately aborted Sesame Street segment, Parks & Recreation funny-lady Amy Poehler—who, perhaps not coincidentally, served as host to Perry’s musical guest spot on Saturday Night Live last weekend—has filmed a get-together with the tickle-friendly Muppet.

The theme of the segment? The definition of the word “challenge.” As in, “For some people it can be a real challenge to recognize skin boundaries while entertaining and educating the nation’s youth.”

Check out Poehler’s play-date with Elmo below. Do you think it’s a good replacement for Perry’s appearance? Let us know in the comments section.