Jersey Shore’s Angelina Announces New Song

Alert your ears, people, for in the next few weeks they will be treated to what will no doubt be a magical musical experience.

Following in the footsteps of her Jersey Shore cohort The Situation’s budding rap career, JS charmer Angelina Pivarnick announced via her Twitter account on Tuesday that she’ll be releasing her own single in October.

According to the apparently musically inclined guidette,

“Breaking News: My first single ‘I’m Hot’ will drops next month on Itunes!!!! I’m so EXCITED!!!!  ‘I’m Hot’ is a electro pop/hip hop track. U gonna love it!!!”

That’s a lot of exclamation marks, so you know this is going to be earth-shattering when it hits the airwaves.

So…how excited are you for this milestone in music history? Let us know in the comments section.