Justin Bieber’s Got an Official Doll Line!

Justin Bieber is coming to a store near you… in doll form. Yes, Baby Biebs has finally been turned into a minature in his first ever toy and doll line!

J-14 reports that the Bieber dolls will hit stores on December 4. The doll line will include a singing version that will sing a portion of one of the 16-year-old’s mega-hit songs. Dolls will also include mini-musical instruments and microphones that can also play portions of Bieber’s songs.

The toys are available for pre-order starting today at Toys-R-Us’ official website. See all of the mini-Biebers at justinbiebertoys.com.

What do you think Beliebers–will this be the hottest toy of the holiday season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: JustinBieberToys.com