More 'Housewives' Drama for Teresa Giudice

More 'Housewives' Drama for Teresa Giudice-photo

Danielle Staub may be gone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the show drama hasn't stopped for star Teresa Giudice.

RadarOnline reports that Teresa is not happy that her family is being asked to join the cast of Real Housewives. It was first reported that Melissa Gorga, Teresa's sister-in-law, was being asked by Bravo to join the cast and now the network has reportedly set their sights on Katherina Wakile -- Teresa's cousin.

A source tells RadarOnline that Teresa is angry that her family is being targeted by Bravo executives to join the drama-filled reality show. "Teresa isn't happy that her family is being asked to join the cast," said the source, "She feels as if her entire family is being approached to be a part of the show."

Is the anger limelight jealousy or fear that her family will be torn apart by the show? If you remember the RHONJ reunion show, Teresa has very strong feelings about her family members being brought up on camera. Teresa started screaming at co-star Danielle when she mentioned Teresa's nephew during the show. "Do not bring up my family," Teresa screamed at Danielle. Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, there is some good news for Teresa: her husband Joe Giudice has been released from jail after serving 8 days of his 10-day sentence for driving on a suspended license.

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  • JerseySpin.Com

    Wow I'll bet she will love love love that! All so hysterical and inane to watch this train wreck of useless people. When will the world grow tired of such nonsense? Sure people like those can be found in plenty here but so can hard working and bill paying honest people.

  • Catherine in Tulsa
    Catherine in Tulsa

    I thought she was all about family? didn't she want Dina to be the godmother of #4 so they could be like family? or did she just want Dina to be like family because Dina has less than her and isn't a threat?

  • Jane

    I think the woman is disgusting and wish she and the show would disappear. This woman deserves hard time for the frauds she has committed on the good citizens of New Jersey. She makes the cast of Jersey Shore look palpable.