Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem to Boxing Match

Nick Cannon is challenging Eminem to a boxing match, but ever the nice guy, the former Wild’n Out host wants to spar for charity.

The America’s Got Talent host stepped to Eminem via his New York-based radio show, suggesting the two duke it out at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Eminem’s home city, in an attempt to settled the bad blood over Nick’s wife, Mariah Carey (who had a fling with Slim Shady.)

Cannon said via Twitter:

I don’t have nothing to lose!!! If I get beat up no one would be surprised… It will just be more material for my stand up!

He even suggested that he and washed-up rapper MC Hammer tag-team Eminem and Jay-Z, before admitting: “I don’t think Eminem or Jay Z are even paying attention to us!”

Cannon married into the feud between Mariah and Eminem, who reportedly threatened to leak voicemails from the diva, who has denied they dated. Em claimed otherwise, slamming her in songs like “The Warning,” in which he said, “How many times you fly to my house?/Still trying to count / Better shut your lying mouth if you don’t want Nick finding out.” Mariah hit back, featuring an Eminem lookalike in her “Obsessed” video.

Check it out here:

Whether Mr. Mariah Carey is serious about boxing Eminem or just trying to drum up a little publicity remains to be seen. Will Eminem bite? Cannon is certainly egging him on, saying on his radio show: “Call Don King … It’s going down.”

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