Police Investigating ‘Sister Wives’ Stars for Bigamy

The stars of the reality show, Sister Wives, are currently under investigation for felony bigamy.

According to People, Kody Brown and his four wives were being investigated by police in Utah before the polygamist-themed reality show premiered on TLC.

According to police in Lehi, Utah, the family could face “possible prosecution” once the investigation is over. Bigamy–or marrying multiple people–is a crime in the United States, despite it being allowed in some religions. Kody and his wives are fundamentalist Mormons, which allows men to marry multiple wives in religious ceremonies.

Up until now, Kody and his wives have avoided getting into trouble with the law because Kody is only legally married to his first wife, Meri Brown. Kody married his three other wives in religious ceremonies, but never attempted to get the marriages recognized by the government. Watch the preview of Sister Wives below.

Kody and his family took a risk by showing their nontraditional marriage on national television. Although Kody is only legally married to one woman, it could be argued that his religious marriages count towards bigamy.

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