‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Will Be a Real Drag

First, the good news: The rumors of the Real Housewives franchise expanding its brand of lady-drama to Miami are entirely true.

Now, the better news: One of the “housewives” will actually be a celebrated local drag queen!

E! Online reports that Bravo has already wrapped up taping for the first season of Real Housewives of Miami. According to a production source,

“We just finished shooting. It’s all done.”

The source adds that the show wasn’t originally conceived as a Real Housewives off-shoot, but as shooting proceeded, Bravo “decided to make it part of the Housewives franchise.”

So who are the fair enchantresses who’ll be keeping us on pins and needles with this new Housewives iteration? Well, there’s former NBA star Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa, fellow former ball player Glen Rice’s ex-wife Christy and art-scene socialite Adriana Sidi, along with Venue magazine editor Alexia Echeverria, among others.

But perhaps the most intriguing inclusion in this new edition? South Beach-based drag queen Elaine Lancaster (real name: James Davis). For those of you unfamiliar with Lancaster’s talents, check out the clip of Elaine in cross-dressing action below:

According to E!’s source, Real Housewives of Miami will begin airing sometime November and January. Do you think throwing a drag queen into the mix will amp up the Housewives drama? Share your thoughts in the comments section.