Sarah Palin Cheers for Bristol on 'DWTS' (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin Cheers for Bristol on 'DWTS' (VIDEO)-photo

Proud mom Sarah Palin served as a guest commentator on last night's Dancing with the Stars, cheering on daughter Bristol Palin's fancy quickstep and welcoming Bristol's pro partner Mark Ballas into the family's Alaska home in a pre-taped segment.

Palin sat front-row with daughter Piper, saying she was "so proud" of her eldest daughter, nicknamed 'Bristol the Pistol.'  Later, Pistol's quickstep earned favorable reviews from the judges, who said her "vulnerability" reminded them of past favorite Kelly Osbourne!

Check out Sarah and Bristol in action below c/o AOL TV Squad:

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  • notfooledbythemedia

    Of course I'm rooting for Bristol and Mark on DWTS!!! I'm rooting for Sarah as well to succeed at whatever she wants to try. This is the good old U.S.A. where anyone with courage and fortitude can be whatever they want to be, and, where we tolerate people like the commenter before me who is in desperate need of a brain implant......

  • phuck you
    phuck you

    why the phuck are you reporting on this hack who's trying to turn DC into Hollywood. let her disappear.