Britney Spears Takes Over ‘Glee’ (VIDEO)

The much-anticipated ‘Britney episode’ of Glee aired last night on Fox, giving Britney Spears three thrilling scenes and allowing her McKinley High alter ego, Heather Morris, to step into the spotlight and show off her jaw-dropping dancing skills.

Forbidden from performing a Britney number at their homecoming assembly, the Glee club is forced to fantasize about Spears while knocked out for dental work (at the hands of John Stamos.) Morris’s Brittany meets the real Britney in this medically-induced vision:

Later, Artie (Kevin McHale) dreams a super-hot cheerleader Britney urges his ex, Tina, to take him back, inspiring his football field rendition of “Stronger:”

Finally, more than a few guys were hot for teacher when Britney appeared in Lea Michele’s schoolgirl fantasy, a throwback to the original Britney single, “Hit Me Baby (One More Time:”) As Britney tweeted last night, “Rachel has a beautiful voice.”

While Britney was the exciting guest star, Morris’s Brittany (who revealed her full name is Brittany S. Pierce) went from supporting player to show-stopper, showcasing dancing skills that might even blow Britney herself out of the water. Britney tweeted of Morris last night: “She was so fun to work with and was really sweet in person.”

Check out her killer moves in “I’m Slave 4 U:”


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