Jasmine V Shows Off Her Workout Routine

Jasmine V — aka Jasmine Villegas, or the girl possibly dating Justin Bieber — has to stay in shape for her grueling dance routines and performances, and now the up-and-coming starlet is lettin the world see how she works on her fitness.

As part of a video series for Cambio, Jasmine squats, runs and muscles her way through a workout routine on the beach, in a video titled “More Pain More Gain.”

Watch It Right Here:

“I’m going to be on tour soon, so I definitely gotta boost up my stamina, and keep my body in shape … as much hard work as it is, I gotta do it,” Jasmine says in the video.

Jasmine hooked Celebuzz up with an exclusive video just last week, documenting the behind-the-scenes action of her tour with the teen sensation. Check it out below: