New ‘American Idol’ Judges at Work: First Look!

Wondering how recently crowned American Idol judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will fulfill their new duties? Yeah, it’s been kind of an obsession for us too. Luckily, returning Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe gave the world a pictorial glimpse of things to come today.

Auditions for the upcoming season of Idol kicked off in Jersey City, New Jersey on Tuesday, and Lythgoe was kind enough to tweet a pic of Tyler and Lopez, along with longstanding judge Randy Jackson at their rightful place behind the judges’ table.

Lythgoe noted in the caption,

“It’s great to be back on American Idol. The judges were great.”

Ah, but how were the auditions—which, as everyone knows, are traditionally a mixed bag? During a press conference in Jersey City, Lopez and Tyler were diplomatically enthusiastic about the gaggle of aspiring Idols, with Tyler characterizing them as “spunky and sparky and crazy and over the top” and Lopez calling them “very East Coast.” We’ll leave it to you to interpret if those are positive or negative assessments.

Is your interest in American Idol reinvigorated with the show’s new blood? Let us know in the comments section.