Shia LaBeouf: Money Gave Me My Family Back

Money may not buy happiness, but for Shia LaBeouf it was a way for him to get his troubled family back.

The Wall Street 2 star reveals to The Sun that his family had battled money problems in the past. “My father was never around because he was selling drugs to keep us alive,” said Shia, “My mother […] was selling brochures in the park to keep us alive.”

Money problems were part of the reason that young Shia took up acting: “I rented my dad back into my life…this business gave me my father…money gave me my father.”

Financial issues might have helped Shia prepare for his role as an aspiring banker in Wall Street 2. Check out the trailer below.

Shia paid his father to escort him to the set of the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens, which was Shia’s first big role. “If I had no money and no way to supplement my father’s income so he could survive, I would have no father,” said Shia.

Luckily for Shia (and his family) his career took off after Even Stevens. The 24-year-old star moved on to star in Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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