Snooki Before 'Jersey Shore': Rare Footage (VIDEO)

Snooki Before 'Jersey Shore': Rare Footage (VIDEO)-photo

Believe it or not, Jersey Shore charmer Snooki didn't emerge fully formed as the perfect media sensation that she is today—that sort of thing takes practice.

Exhibit A: This newly unearthed snippet of the 2009 MTV show Is She Really Going Out With Him?, which chronicles the guidette's complicated relationship with her then-boyfriend, Justin. In the clip, Snooki (born Nicole Polizzi) is described as a "Garden State princess and aspiring veterinarian" who "has a passion for animals." (Please, no jokes about her dating history.)

Alas, her relationship with Justin isn't as blissful as it would at first seem: In addition to her beau's unseemly tendency to let his naughty bits hang out, he also tends to refer to Snooki as "a boy" and "a midget." Ouch!

Click the video below to watch vintage Snookster in action.



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    Please dont Affiliate me the US Ignorant

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