Spend the Night With Justin Bieber!

No doubt, many Justin Bieber fans have wondered what it would be like to hop in the shower with the “Baby” singer, towel off with him, and then curl up in bed with the Biebs for a night of bliss. Well, now they have their chance, thanks to Lady Sandra Home Fashions.

Bringing comfort and relief to sufferers of Bieber Fever worldwide, the company is introducing a Bieber-themed fashion collection that includes a set of Bieber bedding, along with beach towels and shower curtains to make the experience complete.

The shower curtains, beach towels and bedding are adorned with photo-real images of Baby Biebs in a variety of saucy poses. The throw blankets are available in fleece and micro-plush varieties to keep you and Justin extra-cozy. And when you’re finally worn out from your night of ecstasy with your favorite musical crush, the luxuriant sheets and pillowcases (also adorned with Bieber’s image) will no doubt provide your exhausted self with a sound, satisfied night’s sleep.

According to the company, 

“The core color of most of our collections is purple, simply because it’s Justin’s favorite color.”

And also the most regal of colors, as befits pop royalty such as himself.

Lady Sandra’s Justin Bieber collection will be available through major North American retailers in November. In the meantime, let us know in the comments section: How many sets will you be ordering?