Who Is Heather Morris: ‘Glee’s’ Newest Star (VIDEO)

Before last night’s Britney/Brittany show, Glee’s Heather Morris was just a ditzy Cheerio responsible for some of the show’s best one-liners (“Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?”) But dominating the hotly-anticipated Britney episode with her awe-inspiring dance moves (and equally amazing dancer’s bod) is sure to catapult Heather to a whole other level of stardom. Celebuzz got to wondering: Just who is this deft dancer and hilarious actress, and what has she done before?

Born in Thousand Oaks, California but raised in the desert of Scottsdale, Arizona, lifelong dancer Heather, 23, headed to Hollywood after just one year of college. She made it to the Top 40 on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, only to be cut before the Top 20. Check out her skills in this dance video set to Lady Gaga’s “The Fame:”

Heather’s big break came when she was nabbed as a backup dancer on The Beyonce Experience World Tour. So sassy was Heather that Beyonce tapped her to be one of the two ladies to backing her up on a “Single Ladies” promotional tour. Soon Brittany was jiving on Saturday Night Live, Ellen, and the big stage at the American Music Awards, featured below. (And might we add, girl looks good in a leotard!)

Her A-list dancing experience led Heather to teach a few “Crazy in Love” moves at a Los Angeles dance studio.

As an official expert on the much-imitated “Single Ladies” dance, Glee choreographer Zach Woodlee asked Heather to teach the booty-shaking moves to the cast for a memorable episode. That teaching gig turned into a bit part as third cheerleader Brittany, bestie of Naya Rivera and Dianna Agron. And the rest was history, with Brittany landing a promotion to series regular this year:

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Photo Credit: YouTube / FOX