‘Breaking Dawn’ Denali Coven Casting Announced

Are you ready to meet the Denali?

Following up on news that Lost actress Maggie Grace will be portraying the Denali coven’s Irina in Breaking Dawn, the two-part finale to the Twilight movie saga, Summit Entertainment has released the names of the rest of the actors who’ll fill out the coven.

Playing the part of Spanish vampire and former Volturi member Eleazar will be Christian Camargo (pictured), best known from The Hurt Locker and Dexter. Mia Maestro, of Alias and Poseidon, meanwhile, will fill the role of his mate Carmen.

Also cast for the Denali coven: Casey LaBow (Moonlight) as the electricity-harnessing Kate, and MyAnna Buring (Doomsday) as Kate’s sister Tanya, who once harbored a crush on Edward. (But, to be fair, who hasn’t harbored a crush on Edward?)

Are you surprised by the casting choices? Do you think they’ll fill the roles well, or did you have other actors in mind for the parts? Let us know in the comments section. And make sure to check out The Forks Report for updates on all things Twilight-related.