Justin Bieber’s ‘U Smile’ Video: Sneak Preview!

UPDATE: We’ve included the full video below, for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Prepare yourselves, Bieber Nation, for Justin Bieber is preparing to unleash his new video “U Smile” tonight, and E! Online, who’ll be premiering the video tonight, offers a scintillating look at the grandeur-to-be.(Check out our gallery of Bieber filming the video here.)

As the sneak preview reveals, the video features the 16-year-old “Baby” heartthrob leading one lucky young lady into an auditorium, where he sits her down and serenades her in front of the piano. (Sigh; jealous much?)

Bieber recently tweeted of the video,

“I took the opportunity to make a video 4 the fans, about a fan, and how we could fall in LOVE. Love grows.”

Well, our love for the Biebs is certainly growing every second.

The “U Smile” video premieres tonight at 7 p.m./6 Central. Peep the preview below, and let us know in the comments section: How badly do you wish that you were Justin’s co-star in this clip?

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