Paris Hilton Getting New Reality Show?

Paris Hilton may be returning to the small screen.

The blonde heiress is reportedly working on a new reality show with Oxygen. According to The New York Post, the new show will be a departure from her TV work of the past:

This isn’t The Simple Life, where she played a campy version of herself. This show will give viewers a glimpse of the real Paris and her life, which is sometimes quite amazing.

The life of a famous socialite would make great reality television. In fact, Paris’ life has already inspired two great (albeit awesomely campy) reality shows: The Simple Life and MTV’s My New BFF. A more serious look into Paris’ life–especially with all of her recent legal troubles–would make perfect television.

Paris’ rep hasn’t gotten back to us to confirm or deny the reality of her new reality show. Would you watch a new Paris Hilton reality show? Share your thoughts in the comments.