Russell Brand Bares All for New Book

Russell Brand Bares All for New Book-photo

Russell Brand is literally baring all for his new book.

The movie star, comedian and fiance of Katy Perry took to his blog today and posted a nude photo of himself, save for a well-placed copy of his second autobiographical tome, Booky Wooky 2: This Time It's Personal

This photographic gift wasn't just bestowed on the world at random - Russell's book hits stores in his native U.K. today! (Fans in the U.S. will have to wait until October 12.) In it, he reveals he fell for Katy the moment she hauled a bottle at his head.

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Katy tweeted her support for writerly Russell today, saying "Congratulations @rustyrockets on your new book... NEXT book: the double d's: 'Dishes & Diapers.'"

Um, does this mean Russell and Katy are planning to procreate soon? We can dream, can't we?

Do you think Katy and Russell should start a family? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Source: Russell Brand Twitter



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  • been around
    been around

    sorry but I have been in the rest. & lounge business since my early twenties. I have known men that totally adored and loved their wives and families. They all cheated, although I think the women are catching up. I am talking every day people, think about fan and wealth. I never believed it when they told me it had nothing to do with their wife, I now that I am older and been around along time believe it. Do I think they had regrets, no, it seems to be part of life. Women I can say this, I believe men will cheat with any thing, women for the most part want something then they already have.

  • Sally

    I'm with Zalda - what a thoroughly unattractive man. Of course, the attitude contributes a lot to that. Enough that I don;t even care to see if he could clean up.

  • Zalda

    He is one ugly dude!

  • ky

    Hell ya they should have kids! Those kids will probably be the coolest people on earth!