The New ‘Burlesque’ Trailer Is Here! (VIDEO)

Having trouble waiting until November to see Christina Aguilera and Cher strut their sexy stuff together on the big screen? Don’t worry; a new trailer for Burlesque has been released, and it’s even more dramatic and tantalizing than the first trailer.

The new trailer manages to cram pretty much everything into its two and a half minutes: C-Ag’s powerhouse vocals, mega-tension between Aguilera’s aspiring dancer Ali Rose and Cher’s club owner Tess, and—oh, yes—Aguilera cozying up for some sexy time with her co-star, Twilight stud Cam Gigandet.

Breathe it all in by clicking on the video below. Burlesque hits theaters on November 24. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments section!