Dakota Johnson’s Bloody Good Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Dakota Johnson hits big screens across the nation today in the Jesse Eisenberg/Justin Timberlake Internet drama The Social Network, but the 21-year-old Texas-born actress recently took part in another screen appearance that’s even more gruesome than the cutthroat tale of Facebook’s origin.

Johnson is the latest subject to step in front of celebrity photographer Tyler Shields’ lens, and in keeping with the photog’s typically dark aesthetic, Johnson—soaking wet and freezing to the point that her teeth chatter—smears her face with a suspiciously sanguine fluid.

Shields writes of the session on his Web site,

“Dakota Johnson and I had a lot of fun together and she got so cold during our shoot that she couldn’t control her teeth from chattering but to say she was a good sport about it would be an understatement!”

The thing’s a gal has to do to make it in showbiz…

Check out the video below, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.