How to Get Blake Lively’s Messy Ponytail

Want Blake Lively hair? Well, celebrity hairstylist and QVC powerhouse Nick Chavez knows how you can get the Gossip Girl star’s favorite tousled hair look, which also happens to be one of the biggest fall hair trends.

Nick spoke to Celebuzz about how those of us who weren’t blessed with perfect hair like Blake can achieve what he calls “glam-messy hair.” The hair legend explains that the undone look is one of the most in-demand red carpet looks for celebrities this year. “It’s strategically messy hair,” says Nick, “There is a feeling of softness to it.”

Nick says that hairstyles are the one of the easiest ways that regular people can rip off celeb style. While Average Joes and Janes may not be able to buy Angelina Jolie’s Michael Kors shoes or Kim Kardashian’s Balmain t-shirt, they “can sure afford to fix [their] hair,” says Nick. A bottle of hairspray sure costs less than a $700 pair of shoes!

Follow these simple steps to get a sweet messy pony that will make you look red-carpet ready even if you are just going out to dinner with friends.

Step 1: Blow-dry hair loosely with your fingertips. Section off the front of your hair using your ears as a guide.

Step 2: Back-comb the back section of hair and pull it back to either a low ponytail or a mid-high ponytail using an elastic band.

Step 3: Take the front section and back-comb.

Step 4: Gently smooth back the front section over the pony tail and secure with a pin. Spray with Nick Chavez Volumizing Extra Hold Hairspray or Nick Chavez Diva XXtreme Hold Hairspray.

Nick says that you can also curl your hair before creating this look for a more formal polish. The important thing, says Nick, is that women don’t feel afraid to “mess it up” when it comes to their hair. A messy but controlled look is less severe than ornate, over-done hairstyles.

Have dirty hair but want to have a fresh “un-done” look? Nick recommends using Nick Chavez’s new Quickie Towelettes to clean the scalp and remove grime. Afterwards, spray the hair with hairspray and put hair up in hot curlers to freshen up your look.

Ultimately, the biggest thing to keep in mind this fall is “soft elegance,” says Nick.

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