Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Care About Lindsay Lohan

Kelly Osbourne is so over Lindsay Lohan. Though the newly-svelte Kelly has battled addiction and entered rehab in the past, that’s not upping her empathy for LiLo, who is currently doing her fifth rehab stint, this time at the well-known Betty Ford Center.

“I honestly don’t care,” Kelly told Access Hollywood. “If she wants to get well, she’ll get well. I’m not feeding her ego.”

Zing! Kelly’s mom, Sharon Osbourne, however, has said Lohan’s jailtime was “saving her life.”

“The judge has been the only one to give tough love and that’s what she needs right now,” Sharon told Access in July. 

What’s your attitude toward the current Lohanity? Are you over her like Kelly or concerned for her well-being? Sound off in the comments.