10 Things About Duncan from 'The Buried Life'

Duncan Penn serves as the business manager on The Buried Life, but he's also a multi-faceted and complex individual, as Celebuzz has learned. He recently divulged to us 10 little known facts about himself.

We have the low down on his first job, his family, his favorite food and the tragic motivation for starting The Buried Life, just to name a few.

Curious? Check out the list!



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  • mode0

    OMG,,, so nice

  • mere

    Duncan is probably one of the most Amazing and inspiring people out there

  • Kristy C
    Kristy C

    Turning a tragedy into a gift... now that takes guts. Loss is always difficult but the changes they've caused now are causing thousands of people to truly love and enjoy life while they can. They should all be really proud...and I'm sure his friend would be too.

  • Katie

    i love duncan!