Brittani Senser and Levi Johnston Drop Steamy Video

After several weeks of anticipation, you can finally feast your eyes on Brittani Senser and Levi Johnston’s steamy music video. “After Love” debuted on E! Online today, delivering plenty of intimate moments between budding soul singer Brittani and her possible boyfriend Levi.

In between softly-lit nuzzle sessions, Brittani is seen battling her mom over her relationship with Levi, breaking down in tears when her mom has him arrested for charges unknown. Though Levi’s ex Bristol Palin’s mom Sarah Palin never had him detained by police, Levi likely drew on some of his drama with the family. As E! puts it, the video’s all-too-familiar plot may have busted up Levi and Bristol’s second engagement.

Check out Brittani and Levi’s serious chemistry in the video: