Brittani Senser: Video Didn’t Break Up Levi and Bristol

Up-and-coming singer Brittani Senser and Alaskan casanova Levi Johnston may get rather cozy in scenes from her steamy new video, but Senser tells Celebuzz that despite reports, the passionate “After Love” video didn’t break up Levi and two-time fiancee Bristol Palin.

“Whatever the reason Levi and Bristol broke up, it has nothing to do with the video,” Senser told Celebuzz of the footage that shows Brittani’s mom disapproving of Levi (sort of like Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin.) “The video hadn’t been shot when [Bristol] thought it already had been. I feel bad if anybody feels like that was the reason.”

The video’s director, Evan Winter, who conceived the concept, backed up Brittani, telling Celebuzz the video isn’t meant to mock the Palin family.

“I don’t think the video’s even really about the Palins,” he said. “It was a starting point and we tried to create something more universal about a mom protecting her daughter.”

Though Levi’s presence sparked the inevitable references to Bristol and Sarah, he only has eyes for Brittani in sexy scenes that show the pair nuzzling and getting intimate in bed.

“It was definitely steamy, but those are a bunch of different shots pulled together,” Senser told us with a laugh. “It wasn’t a 20-minute makeout session by any means.”

In fact, Brittani and Levi only knew each other for about 48 hours when they shot the sexy scenes. Nevertheless, she says they were both committed to delivering a solid performance for the video.

“We did the lawn scene first, which was more of the kissy, lovey scene, so that kind of  broke the ice,” she said. “By the time we got into the bedroom I was kinda like, ‘Okay well, how can we take it to the next level and make it steamy but also make it real and authentic?’ We were trying to make it as authentic as possible for two people who really love each other.”

Despite the strength of their chemistry, Brittani denies any reports that she and Levi are a couple.

“Levi and I are not dating. We are friends,” she told Celebuzz. “I really enjoy his company, he’s a nice guy, I really enjoyed working with him. But as far as a relationship, no, we’re not dating.

In fact, Brittani remains down-to-earth and removed from the Hollywood spotlight, celebrating the “After Love” release today by getting her hair done in her native Minneapolis.

“My phone keeps blowing up,” she said. “But it’s kind of like I’m in a completely different world.”

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