Joe Jonas Strikes Back Against the Bullies (VIDEO)

Joe Jonas has had enough of the hate—and not just the Internet wrath that he’s experienced since he began dating Twilight beauty Ashley Greene.

The Jonas Brother recently lent his time and talents to public service once again, recording a video for the Cambio Cares campaign about the dangers of bullying, which have very much been in the news lately.

In the video, Joe opines,

“The fact that people resort to bullying is horrible. If there’s any way to stop it, we’ve got to start somewhere. It starts in yourself, it starts in your school, it starts in your community.”

And if you yourself have been targeted by bullying, JoJo counsels,

“You should always remember you were chosen to be on this earth and it’s something special for you.”

Absorb Joe’s words of wisdom in the video below. Do you think his anti-bullying crusade will be effective? Share your predictions in the comments section.