Lea Michele: Stop Saying I’m Flat-Chested!

Lea Michele wants everyone to know that Rachel Berry’s breasts are not small.

The Glee star complained to Marie Claire UK (via Starpulse) about the non-star treatment that her assets receive on Glee:

When [the characters] always talk about my boobs being small I’m like, OK, if we’re going to talk about this then let’s be real. Rachel does not have the smallest boobs in the club, although that would not be a problem if she did, but they keep saying that she does and I’m like, ‘It’s not true!’ I mean, theyr’e not big, but they always talk about how small they are.

Lea really drove home the fact that she wants her breasts to be taken more seriously by posing topless in Marie Claire UK.

Do you think Lea’s boobs get dissed too much on Glee? Share your thoughts in the comments below.