Miley Cyrus Spoofed on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus Spoofed on 'SNL' (VIDEO)-photo

Miley Cyrus appeared on Saturday Night Live over the weekend... sort of. New cast member Vanessa Bayer mimicked Miley in a skit titled The Miley Cyrus Show, with SNL host Bryan Cranston playing her loving dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Bayer peppered her Miley impersonation with constant use of the phrases “pretty cool" and "like."

Faux Miley did an interview with “Johnny Depp,” portrayed by another SNL newcomer, Paul Brittian.  Check out the skit here:

They say you know you’ve made it when you’re impersonated on SNL – but will Miley be flattered or offended? What does the Miley Faithful think — is the skit funny or mean? Weigh in via the poll below. 



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  • Ashley

    i didn't like it miley doesnt even talk like that

  • Jazmine

    miley cyrus doesnt even sound like that

  • Jennifer

    So funny! I think she captured Miley really well. I was actually less annoyed by her than I am by Miley which is a definite plus : )

  • Just-Saying

    This is freaking hilarious and a really true depiction of the pop tart.

  • meeee

    This was so funny :) Miley does say "pretty cool" and "like" a lot. Just watch her YouTube videos and you'll see.

  • cassy

    Actually that was funny, and it did sound like her.. some of the time

  • javi

    who cares if she dosen't look like miley cyrus the sketch was hillarious i hope they do more skits like that one

  • x123x

    it was nothing like miley cyrus