Selena Gomez Vows Tears for ‘Waverly Place’ Finale

It might be a good idea to invest in Kleenex stock, because it sounds like Selena Gomez will be going through a box or six when her hit Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place, draws to its impending close.

With Wizards coming to a wrap soon after four seasons, Gomez recently admitted that the waterworks will be flowing on set—so much so that she’s demanded that the finale not be filmed in front of a live audience, lest anyone see her shameful emotional display:

“I’m going to be the worst one, I am going to be an absolute mess—it’s going to be awful…I actually requested to not have a live audience show that day because it’s going to be that hard for me.”

And what of her co-stars—in particular, David Henrie, who plays her brother Justin on the series? Will his eyes be welling up with tears when the set is struck dark too? Well, not so much:

“It won’t be as hard for David and the boys. They’re boys, so they will be like, ‘All right, that was fun, see you guys.’ But I think Jennifer [Stone] and the girls will cry.”

Feel like crying yourself over the end of Wizards? Don’t worry; though Gomez says that she’s currently “finishing up season four,” there are also plans to make a second Wizards movie—so save your teary goodbyes for the time being.

And just in case you were wondering what the sight of Selena Gomez bawling her eyes out might look like, check out the video below: