Will Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift Co-Star in New Movie?

Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift, together on one screen? It could happen—if notorious Hollywood bad girl Lohan can keep herself out of trouble.

Though it’s been rumored that Fearless songbird Swift—who earned her cinematic wings earlier this year in Valentine’s Day—will replace the currently rehabbing Lohan in the upcoming romantic comedy One Night With You, producer Richard O’Sullivan tells Radar Online that, if he has his way, they’ll both end up in the picture. 

According to O’Sullivan—who last week exclusively revealed to Celebuzz that he would love to retain Lohan in the lead role of scandal-plagued starlet Nikki if she can keep her nose clean—there’s still room for Swift if Lohan manages to pull herself together:

“There’s a chance that we’ll be offering both Lindsay and Taylor a role in the film if everything sorts itself out…If Lindsay takes care of her issues and we’re able to bond her then we would want her in the lead role of Nikki. And if Taylor isn’t wrapped up with touring and recording then we’d likely offer her the major supporting role of Tanji—a young wannabe singer who works as a waitress at the bar in which the reality show [that the Nikki character signs on for] is shot.”

If nothing else, maybe some of Swift’s squeaky-clean personality might rub off on Lohan—and hopefully not the other way around… 

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