Danielle Staub: ‘I’m the Villain of Reality TV’

Danielle Staub may have just left The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean that her career in dunzo.

In fact, the reality villainess is up to a lot these days now that she is no longer getting into public fights with the likes of Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo. Celebuzz spoke exclusively with Danielle about her life, the likelihood of her ever repairing her relationship with the rest of the cast and what we can look for in the years ahead.

The incredibly watchable Danielle is currently in talks with TV executives to land her first solo reality show. “We’re in negotiations and that is about all the information I can give out right now,” Danielle said. “[Once we are signed] I will have my PR team go ahead and call all the powers that be to let them know where Danielle Staub can be found.”

“It’s going to be incredible, I’m very, very excited,” Staub exclaimed. “[The show] is really what goes on in my life, not anything that has really been seen so far … It’s time for the world to get to know Danielle and the people in my life.”

Fans of RHONJ will know that Danielle is not the type of camera-shy reality star that backs away from letting people see her real life: “I have never hid anything so I think it’s going to be welcomed by all my fans and friends that have been hanging in there and watching with the rest of the world as I became the number one reality star.”

“There’s a great need for people to see what really goes on in my life,” Danielle continued, “and that’s what this show is about and that’s why there’s offers on the table.”

Meanwhile, Danielle has no problem with her villain image. In fact, she wholeheartedly embraces it: “I am the villain of reality television, so I’ll be keepin’ it real [on my new show].”

“If you look up that villains that there are there’s Alexis from Dallas…I mean, come on, those are some sexy women right there that I get to cluster myself in with,” says Danielle, “I’m the villain of reality television and I’ll own it.”

Check out Danielle keeping it sexy on season two of RHONJ.

Aside from her new solo reality show, Danielle has also been named the new host of Social, which is a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous-style show for WealthTV. “Robin Leach will be passing the torch to me, literally,” says Danielle, “I’m going to Vegas to tape with him.”

As for other shows that Danielle would like to appear on, the 48-year-old star has set her sights on Celebrity Apprentice: “I would love to do The [Celebrity] Apprentice,” says Danielle, “I think I have a lot that I could bring to the table and they do love the drama so I could definitely bring them some of that.”

It would likely be hard for Donald Trump to say “you’re fired” to Danielle!

With so many offers pouring in for the reality star, would it be possible that she would consider doing her own reality dating show? “Oh sure, why not?” says Danielle, “Maybe that’s where I’ll find my true partner […] it hasn’t worked out so well for [Rock of Love’s] Brett Michaels, but he had a lot of fun.”

“I could use that kind of fun,” Danielle continued, “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.”

Danielle was reportedly romantically involved with her music partner, Lori Michaels. Watch the two sing a romantic duet together below.

Danielle Staub And Lori Michaels Sing On WWHL
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While everything is looking up for Danielle, she still isn’t ready to mend her broken relationship with her RHONJ cast mates: “I have no desire to do that,” says Danielle when asked if she would want to speak to her ex-cast mates again. “I don’t think people realize how real [the show] really was,” says Danielle, who likened her treatment by her other cast mates like being “ganged up on like Mean Girls.”

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