Justin Bieber to Host New ‘Punk’d’?

Justin Bieber’s penchant for a good prank may be paying off in the form of his very own television show, as the pint-sized superstar is reportedly going to reprise Punk’d on MTV.

The prank-themed show, which was initially started and hosted by Ashton Kutcher, is rumored to be ready for a rebirth, with Bieber at the helm according to Vulture. When contacted by Celebuzz, MTV would neither confirm or deny the report, but Vulture says:

Kutcher isn’t entirely relinquishing the celebrity practical-joke franchise he birthed back in 2003: He’ll remain as an executive producer of the new series via his Katalyst Entertainment. But if a deal can be worked out, the on-air baby face of the new show will be none other than Biebs.

Bieber has worked up a reputation for playing pranks and practical jokes on pretty much anyone he comes across. In September, a water balloon stunt nearly landed Biebs in handcuffs, but he avoided any legal ramifications from his joke.