Rachel McAdams Dating Michael Sheen?

It may seem like an unlikely couple, but People reports that Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen are an item.

The 33-year-old Mean Girls actress was reportedly spotted out and about with the 41-year-old Frost/Nixon star at an afterparty at the Toronto Film Festival.

Later, the couple were photographed holding hands while hanging around the Canadian city.

While the two may have been spotted hanging out, there could be another, wholly unromantic reason behind their friendship: The two are co-stars in the upcoming Midnight in Paris.

Rachel has previously dated such hunks as Ryan Gosling and Michael was once married to the lovely Kate Beckinsale.

Aside from Midnight in Paris, Michael is slated to revive his character of Aro in the upcoming Breaking Dawn. Tina Fey fans may remember Michael for his recent guest apperance as Liz Lemon’s grating “settling soulmate” Wesley Snipes on 30 Rock.

Rachel and Michael’s reps were not available for comment.

Do you think these two talented thespians could really be an item? Share your thoughts in the comments below.