Report: Ashley Greene ‘Wears the Pants’ in Joe Jonas Relationship

First, the good news for Joe Jonas: He’s apparently found true love with Ashley Greene.

Now, the bad news: According a source familiar with the couple, it doesn’t exactly sound like he’s in control of the relationship.

An insider tells Hollywood Life that, while their relationship, contrary to certain rumors floating around on the Internet, isn’t just a show for the paparazzi, it’s clear that Greene, 24, holds the reins over her 21-year-old beau:

“If I were to say who wears the pants, Ashley certainly does but Joe doesn’t realize how much power he actually has in the relationship. She likes him just as much as he likes her, but I think he would submit more easily to her and take it harder if they broke up.”

We wouldn’t be too sure about that; it seems that Joe handles breakups pretty easily—especially when he’s doing the dumping

Do you think Joe and Ashley will last? And is it okay for Greene to call the shots in the relationship? Drop your thoughts in the comments. And make sure to see what Ashley looks like when she’s wearing the pants—and even when she’s not—in Celebuzz’s Sexiest Looks of Ashley Greene gallery.