Christina Hendricks: Women Hit on Me

Gorgeous Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has no problem getting the attention of straight men, and the star also reveals to Harper’s Bazaar that she gets a lot of attention from women and gay men, too.

“Women hit on me,” Christina tells the magazine, “My husband [Geoffrey Arend] thinks it’s so off that so many women hit on me.”

Women aren’t the only ones who are transfixed by Christina’s beauty. The curvaceous stars reveals that she also gets approached by gay men: “They say to men, ‘Well, I’m not straight but if I was…’ I think it is flattering.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Christina’s sexy cover photo shoot with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson below.

The beautiful red-head also talks about how her body has inspired other non-rail thin women to feel more comfortable with their shape. Christina tells the magazine about how a woman once approached her in a restaurant and told her that she made her feel good about her curvy figure. “I got teary eyed,” Christina said.

Check out more photos from Christina’s steamy Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot here.

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