Justin Bieber Wants Robert Pattinson to Be His Girl-Bait

Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson, out on the prowl together and looking for action? Would the women of the world really stand a chance?

Cherub-faced troubadour Bieber recently revealed that he’d love to enlist Twilight heartthrob Pattinson’s help in landing women when he’s out making the scene. The 16-year-old “Baby” singer and incurable crush junkie enthuses, 

“I love talking to girls and going on dates. My ideal wingman would be Robert Pattinson. We should go to a few showbiz parties and see what happens. He landed back in Los Angeles last week, so maybe we can go and work some of the magic.”

So what would the plan of attack be? As with all things, Bieber has it all worked out:

“Robert says his hair is a great ice-breaker so maybe we can go up to girls and be like, ‘Do you wanna touch our hair?’ How about that for an opening line?”

In a word, “devastating.”

Who do you think would collect more phone numbers, Bieber or Pattinson? Let us know in the comments section!