Lindsay Lohan Not Leaving Rehab Any Time Soon

Those of you who are waiting for the return of Lindsay Lohan may have to sit still a little bit longer: the Mean Girls star will reportedly remain in rehab until her court appearance later this month.

TMZ reports that the troubled starlet–who is currently in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic–will most likely remain there until her probation violation hearing on October 22.

In addition to her long rehab stint, the 24-year-old actress’ jail time will likely be determined by her progress at the Betty Ford Clinic. TMZ claims that Judge Elden Fox will look to Lindsay’s doctors to help determine if the star would benefit more from jail or rehab.

The influence of the Betty Ford Clinic doctors may be good news for Lindsay: RadarOnline reports that the starlet is “doing well” at the rehab center.

Since Lindsay is facing misdemeanor charges, she doesn’t legally have to appear at court on October 22. In fact, some people who are in Lindsay’s position reportedly remain in rehab during their court appearance and let their lawyer appear on their behalf. However, since it is still up in the air as to whether Lindsay will do jail time, she may have to show up to court.

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