Tom Cruise Get Ab-Tastic on 'Mission Impossible 4' Set (PHOTOS)

Not too shabby for 48 years old, Tom Cruise.

Cruise was back in action as special agent Ethan Hunt in Prague on Wednesday, filming a stunt scene for the upcoming Mission: Impossible IV. And from the looks of these photos, the plot will consist of Cruise crushing the baddies with his age-defying abs.

Mission: Impossible IV is slated to hit theaters on December 16, 2011. In the meantime, hit up the photo gallery to revel in the glory and the wonder of Tom Cruise in action.

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    yea but he is still only 4 feet tall

  • Straight Arrow
    Straight Arrow

    Do his muscles have to be great for us to recognize that he is a great actor? I hope not. Still not getting over the fact that he announced his split from Kidman at about the same time my ex told me he was dumping me, though.

  • Island Girl
    Island Girl

    He was hot at 20 hotter at 40 and will still be hot at 60. Go Tom

  • deemac

    He is so handsome. He looks like a college student here. Ahhh Tom! People are way too hard on this guy. He is one of Hollywoods great class acts. We have about 4 left!

  • charaze

    Tom Cruise really does have the best abs for someone his age, according to me. :-D ===