Vintage Taylor Lautner as a Mouseketeer! (VIDEO)

We’ve all come to know and love and lust after Twilight beefcake Taylor Lautner as dangerous-but-enticingly-buff werewolf Jacob Black. But he makes a pretty adorable mouse, too.

Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies), feast your eyes on the video below, culled from the 2004 ABC special The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour, hosted by everybody’s favorite former lovebirds, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. As Simpson seeks to rewrite history by reenacting her failed audition for The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, you’ll notice a then-12-year-old Lautner rocking the ears and playing along (as “Joel,” in case you don’t recognize him).

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Cute? Sure. But Lautner soon had better things to do than to help Simpson engage in wish fulfillment. By the next year, Taylor had gone on from variety-show extra to leading-lad status, in the 2005 classic The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, which really deserves an IMAX re-release. In case the above clip didn’t provide you with your US-RDA of vintage Taylor Lautner, by all means click below: