Bristol Palin’s Alaskan Rock Video Debut

Levi Johnston and his ex Bristol Palin really are hot and cold. On the heels of Levi’s super-steamy music video with budding singer Brittani Senser, Bristol now makes her video debut with an icy cameo for a hard-rocking Alaskan band.

Wearing a long mink coat and a furry ushanka, Bristol makes like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, covering a dewy rose with a glass dome as local rockers Static Cycle jam in an igloo-filled ice hotel.

“My role is like a mother nature role,” Bristol told Entertainment Tonight. “My eyebrows were all iced and my eyelashes were all iced.”

See for yourself at ET’s website.

Earlier this week, Brittani Senser told Celebuzz that her sexy video with Levi wasn’t behind his breakup with Bristol. 

Whose video do you prefer — Bristol or Levi’s? Sound off in the comments.