Celebrities Speak Out About Bullying Epidemic

Anne Hathaway and several other celebrities are the latest to join in on the PSA effort to bring awareness to the bullying crisis that has struck a nerve following the death of 18 year old Rutger’s student, Tyler Clementi. The controversy has sparked at least four video PSA’s that feature the likes of Hathaway, Jenny McCarthy, Elton John, Chris Colfer, Ellen Degeneres, Daniel Radcliffe and more. 

One major organization behind the PSAs is ’The Trevor Project’. Started by James Lecesne, and Peggy Rajski The Trevor Project provides a 24-hour hotline for any person contemplating suicide, and the message: “It Gets Better”. More information on this specific organization can be found on their website, <www.thetrevorproject.org>.

Another organization is ‘We Give A Damn’, who organization urges people to sign the petition and join the effort about raising awareness about the issue. Their most recent PSA features Elton John, Ricky Martin, Wanda Sykes and more. To join the fight go to <www.wegiveadamn.org>.

In addition to these PSA’s, other celebrities have chosen to speak out on their own. Among these are, Tim Gunn, Nicki MinajKesha, and Lady Gaga who most recently spoke out against the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy. They all feel strongly about the issue and have taken time out of promoting their careers to speak out and try to raise awareness. In an interview with MTV News Minaj said,

“I would encourage my gay fans to be fighters and to be brave” 

And as the latest personality to come forth about the issue, Gunn said,

“I understand the desperation. I understand the despair,and I understand how isolated you can feel … It will get better. I promise.”