David Archuleta on Steven Tyler: Who’s That Lady? (VIDEO)

Talk about a dude who looks like a lady: American Idol winner David Archuleta made an unfortunate (but hilarious) mistake on The Wendy Williams Show when he was asked to talk about the show’s new judges.

“Who’s that other lady?” David asked when a picture of Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson and a long-haired Steven Tyler popped up on a monitor.

“No, that’s Steven Tyler,” said host Wendy Williams after a moment of confusion, prompting the studio audience to erupt in laughter.

Watch the video below.

“No I was looking at Jennifer Lopez,” said a giggling David, “I didn’t know she had a blonde hair now.” Oh David, everyone makes mistakes every now and then.

David was on Wendy’s show today to promote his new album, The Other Side of Down. Unfortunately his gender slip-up will probably overshadow the rest of his appearance (but also get it a lot more views).

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