David Archuleta on Steven Tyler: Who's That Lady? (VIDEO)

David Archuleta on Steven Tyler: Who's That Lady? (VIDEO)-photo

Talk about a dude who looks like a lady: American Idol winner David Archuleta made an unfortunate (but hilarious) mistake on The Wendy Williams Show when he was asked to talk about the show's new judges.

"Who's that other lady?" David asked when a picture of Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson and a long-haired Steven Tyler popped up on a monitor.

"No, that's Steven Tyler," said host Wendy Williams after a moment of confusion, prompting the studio audience to erupt in laughter.

Watch the video below.

"No I was looking at Jennifer Lopez," said a giggling David, "I didn't know she had a blonde hair now." Oh David, everyone makes mistakes every now and then.

David was on Wendy's show today to promote his new album, The Other Side of Down. Unfortunately his gender slip-up will probably overshadow the rest of his appearance (but also get it a lot more views).

What do you think of David's mistake? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • blah

    He says, wait, there's ANOTHER girl. If he was talking about JLo than Steven Tyler was the other girl

  • angel

    I thought that she was not JLo too. I asked the same thing. "Who is she ? I thought that JL will be one of the judges ? "

  • rose

    you're right cb, he's a good boy. It angers me that the media always picks up on the one little booboo and forgets all the good stuff.. Well, this seems to be the way to get the spotlight.........do everything silly and goofy you can think up and you'll be a regular on TV.

  • rose

    Right, cb, he's a good boy, the best. The news media......bad boys who just love to pick up on and distort everything that comes out of his mouth and everything he does. But keep doing it, David, you'll be so famous. . . . .they will make you a regular on TV. (:

  • cb

    Usually people says " I swear I was looking at..." while he said "I promise I was...", he's a good boy.

  • Amy

    Aw. It was a usual "priceless' and honestly authentic Archie moment. Love him. He totally made it clear...he didn't think JLo looked like JLo with the newer, blonder look. David...we "got it"...and you continue to be refreshingly real! Love TOSOD! Go David! :)

  • silvia

    jennifer lopez looks so weird in that outfit an hair color barely no makeup when i saw her there i thought the same she does not look like the jennifer we see

  • Lynette

    I think he probably meant JLo (because I don't remember Steven Tyler not looking that way) but the moment was funny anyway. Wendy's quick and David is adorable.

  • prettyinpink

    Oh, I didn't know who it was either. When did JLo change her hair color? Honest and spontaneous David lol.

  • JHM

    It was funny but honestly David does know what Steven Tyler looks like, it truly was an honest mistake. He was referring to J Lopez, I didn't recognize her at first either! David was great on the show, loved his performance!

  • Miss Vicki
    Miss Vicki

    Oh, forgive David... he is so honest and REAL... An honest and real mistake....Love ya David....... Miss Vicki

  • WG

    You seem to miss how David’s mind works. When he asked who’s that other girl, he made the thinking that JL was in there someplace but was caught up on “that can’t be her” with the blonde hair. So out fumbles the words trying to explain as best he could. Have you never misspoke? Though, I think it would be funny any ole way since ST did have that song Dude looks like a lady :p Why do people always wanna jump to what they want to believe they see than whats really there? Or does that just get your post more views?

  • Georgeann

    I totally did the same thing that David did. I looked at Jennifer Lopez & didn't even recognize her. I don't think that David would make up that he was looking at Jennifer Lopez if he really wasn't. Just sayin'

  • Milla

    JLo changed her hair color and looks so good. I needed to look carefully because couldn't recognize her momentarily. Bwahaha. David looked stunned by her new look. She's hwattt. BTW, Steven Tyler needs a haircut. lol.

  • stishot

    he wasss looking at jennifer...duh.

  • Taryn

    Archie is hilarious!