Keanu Reeves Chased by Cowboys (PHOTOS)

Nice camera, cow dude. 

Keanu Reeves was photographed running away from a gang of cowboys through the streets of New York City with their stolen camcorder while shooting a scene for his new film Generation Um. Keanu quickly hid his face from the paparazzi after the take was finished.

What do you think about Keanu's thievery? Click through the photos and let us know.



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  • jolly

    it's funny how keanu would do such a thing... well, it's nice to play around once in a while. i'm pretty sure he was just teasing those cowboys and most likely, he gave back those camcorders ;) i wonder how those guys who said "keanu is a lonely man" would react to this?

  • ying

    I'm so sorry for your accident in Feb 2012 ,That right? I hope you good now. I waiting your movie ,and I follow your work always. Have a good health and good job! Take care bye

  • Mah Abdurahim
    Mah Abdurahim

    he's so sexy

  • Ophelia

    Strong and sexy. Can't even cut up and have fun less the paparazi is right in your face when you're known. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me, that has changed my life for the better. Ophelia.

  • bill

    What do i think? I think some paparazzos messed up that shoot. And I think that cowboy's pants are about to fall off.