Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Coordinate Their Wardrobes

Not only does Rihanna not want to sound like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga—she doesn’t want to look like them either.

Speaking to British newspaper the Mirror, the “Rude Boy” songbird recently explained that the three show-biz fashion plates have worked out a system to prevent them from showing up at high-profile events in the same clothes:

“My worst nightmare would be a clash on the red carpet—so we all text each other before to make sure. We’re all kind of fearless with fashion. So Katy and I speak all the time about what we’re going to wear. And Gaga.”

And it’s not an unfounded concern. According to the singer, despite the trio’s utterly unique senses of fashion, Rihanna—who recently hung out with Perry at the latter’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas—says that she and the “Teenage Dream” singer have almost shown up in public as accidental twinsies at least once:

“One time we were going to the Met Ball, and Katy phoned me to check. We were like ‘Oh my God, we were both going in this dress by Dolce and Gabbana with Marilyn Monroe’s face all over it. She was like, ‘You can’t. I’ve had my nails done in mink and it matches the dress. I thought, seeing as she’d gone to all that effort, I’d let her wear it.”

Avoiding a fashion showdown with Gaga ought to be an easier matter—just as long as RiRi steers clear of the meat department in her local supermarket.

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