‘Teen Mom’ Maci Denies Cheating Rumors

Rest easy Teen Mom fans: Maci Bookout is not a cheater.

Maci denied claims made by her baby-daddy Ryan Edwards that she cheated on him during their relationship and was also desperate to get back with him. “He can say what he wants,” the 19-year-old mom told Us Weekly, “I’m not going to pay attention to things that aren’t true.”

Ryan told Ok! magazine that Maci had cheated on him with her current beau, Kyle King. He also alleged that Maci was still in love with him and was trying to reignite their old relationship.

On Teen Mom Ryan is painted as being something of a thorn in Maci’s side. Check out Ryan acting immature in a clip from the show below.

As for Maci’s relationship with Kyle, the MTV star says that things are going “really good” and that she and her son Bentley have permanently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.

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