Jersey Shore's Angelina Gets Punchy With the Help

Jersey Shore's Angelina Gets Punchy With the Help-photo

Attention, Angelina: You're taking the concept of fist-pumping way too far.

Radar Online reports that the Jersey Shore charmer punched a hired driver in the head earlier this month, after the chauffeur insulted the reality TV star's (full name: Angelina Pivarnick) mother.

According to the slighted mama herself, the punch-up went down on October 2 in Springfield, Massachusetts, following Angelina's appearance at a Big Bang Celebrity Boxing match. Annamarie Pivarnick says that the wheelman persistently hit on her despite her protests, eventually calling her a "whore" and a "slut." At which point her daughter began hitting on the driver -- literally.

The elder Pivarnick says that, after the driver pulled over to argue some more, Angelina clocked him in the head and proceeded to pummel him repeatedly: 

“Angelina was trying to stop this guy from being disrespectful to me. The guy took it too far.”

This is far from the first report of Jersey Shore cast members settling things with their fists. Pivarnick's co-stars, Snooki and JWoww, are currently being sued by a Chicago woman over an alleged brawl in a Miami nightclub, while Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola reportedly popped a fellow nightclub patron in Miami because Giancola thought she was hitting on her boyfriend.

Maybe these kids should put their fists to more constructive use. Such as clutching the enormous piles of money they're raking in these days.



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